hell in a cell 2014 matches and results

2014 – Hell in a Cell Results and analysis

2014 – Hell in a Cell Results and analysis

hell in a cell 2014 matches and results

The 2014 Hell in a Cell pay per view event took place at Dallas, Texas.

If you were unable to watch this event, given below is a brief summary of the match results:

1. Singles event – Bo Dallas VS Mark Henry

Dallas proclaimed that he was the new “World’s Strongest Man” since he had defeated Henry on 4 occasions, only for Henry to put this into the bed using “World’s Strongest Slam”.

2. 2 out-of 3 falls count event for the Intercontinental Title – Dolph Ziggler beat Cesaro 2-0

Dolph was able to claim the initial fall using a quick rollup in a Big Sweep, after this he followed it up using a Super-kick & marched his way to achieve a convincing win using his ZIG ZAG move.

3. Singles event – Nikki Bella beat Brie Bella

The defeated became the personal assistant of the winner for thirty days; in the case the defeated doesn’t obey, she’ll have to quit the WWE.

Brie Bella was defeated by her sister after she was hit by 2 Rack Attacks.

4. WWE tag-team championship – Star and Goldust (c) beat Jimmy & Jey Uso (i.e., the Usos)

Stardust assisted Goldust in performing a Final Cut for sealing their win.

5. Hell in a Cell match – Cena defeated Randy Orton

To decide the number 1 challenger for WWE World Heavyweight Title

A close battle saw John Cena’s Attitude of Adjustment for getting Randy Orton thru the table that made all the RKO Vines for nothing.

6. Singles battle for WWE U.S Title – The Miz beaten by Sheamus

Sheamus was able to hold on his championship using a Brogue-Kick to the Miz.

7. Singles match – Big Show defeated by Rusev by submission

After Rusev was able to lock in the Accolade, the referee decided to call off the match. The giant was defeated.

8. Singles event for the WWE Divas Title – Paige beaten by AJ Lee by submission

One more submission victory as AJ Lee got Paige in her Black-Widow.

9. Hell in a Cell battle – Dean Ambrose defeated by Seth Rollins (along with Joey Mercury & Jamie Noble)

Major part of this battle happened on the top of and near the cage. Once the bell rang, the duo headed in side. Then there was intervention from “Corporate Kane”, however he was outdone by a bigger intruder when Bray Wyatt came back, firstly in the hologram form a la 2pac that distracted Dean Ambrose, afterwards in the flesh in order to hit Ambrose & give Seth the pin.

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