WWE Stone Cold Biography

wwe stone cold biography

wwe stone cold

Biography – Stone Cold

Early Life

Steve Anderson was born on December 18, 1964, in Victoria, Texas. He was raised by stepfather, Ken Williams & his mother, Steve was never able to know his biological father, & soon took Williams’s name, he grew up in Edna, Texas, as part of a large family. In his high school life, he was admitted in the National Honor Society before he won a football scholarship to the University of North Texas. In the year 1987, with only a few credits short of a graduate degree in physical education, Steve dropped out of college & started working on a loading dock in Texas.

Debut In Professional Wrestling

In the year 1989, he started to develop a deep interest in wrestling. He then joined a new wrestling school in Dallas. after his graduation, he joined the U.S Wrestling Association & in 1990 he had his very first professional wrestling match. At the time of his first year on the tour, he traveled across the southern United States, earning $20 for one fight & residing in his only car. In 1991, he debuted World Championship Wrestling (WCW) after dropping his good guy personality, and was called as “Stunning” Steve Austin.

While he was in WCW, he began to partner with Brian Pillman. In 1993, they won the World Tag Team Title. Austin was also able to win the WCW U.S title in 1993. Unfortunately, in 1994, he tore his tricep while he was wrestling in Japan & was eventually fired by WCW, a rejection which he was hardly going to forgive easily. After a stint in ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling). In late 1995, Steve Austin signed with WWF (World Wrestling Federation). After which people started calling him as “Stone Cold”.

WWF Success

Austin won 4 federation titles and several other tag team as well as individual championships, during the period of 1995-1999. His endurance became famous: after he suffered from a serious nerve injury to his neck during early 1997, he came back to win the WWF title the same year. Austin’s long-running conflict with the WWF (now WWE) owner McMahon, which resulted to numerous attacks within the ring, raised the television ratings of the WWF & further boosted Austin’s popularity. Austin is hugely considered as one of the most popular wrestlers in WWF. In the year 1998 alone, Austin earned an estimated $1.2 million salary in addition to a massive sum in merchandising royalties.

Acting Career

In 1998 and 1999, Austin appeared as Jake Cage on numerous episodes of the TV series Nash Bridges, acting as a renegade policeman helping out the show’s good boys.

Steve Austin’s marriage to Kathy, his first wife, was disallowed. Jeannie, his second wife, whom he married in the year 1995, served as his valet once. They’ve 2 kids, Cassidy & Stephanie.

Stone Cold underwent spinal treatment, in January 2000, to repair damage which was done during his wrestling career, which put him off commission for 6 months to 12 months.

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WWE the Rock-Dwayne Johnson Nationality and Biography

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WWE the Rock-Dwayne Johnson Nationality and Biography

WWE the Rock-Dwayne Johnson Nationality and Biography

wwe the rock11

Biography – The Rock

Dwayne Johnson became a film actor (2001’s The Mummy Returns) after achieving fame in the WWF as “The Rock.” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was born into a family of professional wrestlers in the year 1972. An injury ended “The Rock’s” football career in his college. As a result, he entered the ring of Word Wrestling Federation. As “The Rock,” his fights with wrestler Steve Austin became hugely popular & he was able to win the WWF Heavyweight title on 6 occasions. Then Johnson moved from his wrestling career into a film industry, making his appearance in projects like The Mummy Returns in the year 2001 & Tooth Fairy in the year 2010.

Early Life of the Rock

Actor & professional wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was born on May 2, 1972, in Hayward, California. He was the grandson of expert wrestler Peter “High Chief” Fanene Maivia & son of wrestler Rocky Johnson, “The Rock” grew up watching his father performing inside the famous WWF ring. But with hardly any plans to follow in his father’s footsteps, Dwayne played college football at the University of Miami where he achieved great fame till a back injury cost him a crucial spot in the NFL.

The Rock

dwayne johnson nationality

With some prospects in competent football, Dwayne turned towards wrestling, debuting in Texas against the Brooklyn Brawler. After few more games, which also included a tag team win with Bart Sawyer, the WWF signed finally him under the name Flex Kavana. One year later, he united with The Nation of Domination, finally taking over its leadership & calling himself as “The Rock”. Later he joined another band containing elite wrestlers called as The Corporation & started a well-known conflict with Steve Austin. “The Rock” has won the WWF Heavyweight title on six occasions & the WWF Tag Team title on five occasions. He is also known as “The People’s Champ”.

Acting Career of “The Rock”

wwe the rock1

Outside the WWE ring, The Rock started transitioning his career in the film industry, discarding the stage name & simply going with Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne has appeared in multiple movies, some of which included “The Mummy Returns” in the year 2001, The Scorpion King in the year 2002, Be Cool in the year 2005, The Game Plan in the year 2007, etc. In 1997, Dwayne Johnson married his high school friend, Dany Garcia. Their relationship was eventually ended in the year 2007. They have one daughter, Simone Alexandra.

Dwayne Johnson Nationality

Johnson spent 10th grade at President William McKinley High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. As he entered 11th grade, his father’s job required his relocation to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He began playing football at Freedom High School in the East Penn Conference.[17] He was also a member of the school’s track and field and wrestling teams.[17] On April 17, 2009, changes to Canadian nationality law came into effect, making all people born in the first generation abroad after 1947 to Canadian-born parents automatically (and retroactively to date of birth) Canadian citizens.[19] Johnson, through his father, thus became a Canadian. you must have reache this post in search of: wwe the rock, dwayne johnson biography, the rock, dwayne johnson nationality

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WWE Stone Cold Biography

Extreme Rules 2014 location matches and date

Extreme Rules 2014 location,matches and date:

Extreme Rules (2014)

is going to take place on 4th of May, 2014 at IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
I am really looking forward to this event.


brief info about Extreme Rules Event:

It will be the sixth extreme rules event. Extreme rules started to take place in 2009.
You can categorize extreme rules as hardcore wrestling as the rules are extreme.
Steal Cage matches normally take place on this event.


One of such match in between John Cena and Wyat, looking forward to it as it will
be a nice match. John Cena fans around the world are looking forward to this match
as John will wrestle to re prove that he can beat Wyat.

Shield and Evolution:


While Evolution and Triple H were kicking the hell out of Bryan, Shield came into action and stopped evolution.
This resulted in this match. Lets see what happens.

Bryan vs Kane:

Bryan got a lot of competitors after becoming world champion. It seems as if authorities are not happy with Bryan’s
win. At extreme rules, Bryan will be facing the demon Kane..

Big E awaits title contender for Intercontinental championship

The slot is still not filled for the Intercontinental championship title contender. I will update this post
as soon as the contender gets finalized. Big E has proven to be tough. Wish him all the best..!

Rusev vs R-Truth and Xavier

My personal opinion is that it will be an easy fight for Rusev as R-Truth’s history shows a lot of losses. It seems
as if R-Truth has lost the real fighting spirit. Xavier is a new guy and lacks fighting experience.
Lets see what happens at extreme rules 2014.

Brock Lesnar vs ?

Brock Lesnar is now being counted in the series of 30 roughest brawlers in history.
He deserves it because of his win over Undertaker. He is one of the best wrestlers and fighters
in the world. I wonder who will be his opponent at extreme rules.

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WWE wrestlemania 30 2014 results with complete matches details

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WWE wrestlemania 30 2014 results with complete matches details

WWE wrestlemania 30 2014 results with complete matches details:


The arena was filled with 75000 people from 50 states and 38 countries around the world.

In the start of the event, Hulk Hogan comes out then comes Stone Cold. He praised Hulk for his awesome wrestlemania career. Then comes the one and only “The Rock”. The Rock said Hulk Hogan had great influence on his career.


Triple H vs Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania 30, 2014: Daniel wins

wrestlemania 30 brock lesnar

The first match starts “Tiple H vs Bryan”. Triple H looks down to Daniel as if he is the most junior wrestler in front of him. Triple H offers a handshake which is refused by Bryan, kicking his hand out. Triple H goes for the left injured arm of Bryan but Bryan makes his way out. While Triple H is out of Ring, Bryan gets on top of the ropes and dives on him hitting him hard. Triple H goes on to the commentators’ table and tries to pedigree Bryan but eventually was only able to injure Bryan’s left arm.


Triple H manages to put a cross face submission on Daniel. It is reversed by Bryan as Bryan puts on his arm lock on Triple H but Triple H manages to get to the rope. The match goes on, Triple H hits a spine buster followed by pedigree but Bryan doesn’t give up. I was really shocked at the end that Daniel Bryan wins with the Knee attack right into the face of Triple H.

wrestlemania 30 daniel bryan

Shield vs Outlaw: Shield wins

The shield gets an upper hand right from the beginning. It was an easy match for Shield as they concentrated on team work right from the start. Almost no resistance from the Outlaw. Kane gets kicked out and while Kane is out, Shield takes advantage and manages to throw a double power bomb, finally Shield wins the match.

Andre the Giant match: Cesaro wins

30 men fighting each other and only one survivor. To eliminate a wrestler, one fighter has to throw out the other over the ropes. Yoshi gets thrown out first, then the general manager of Raw. Then goes Brodus followed by Kali and Zack Rider. Mark Henry eliminates all 3 members of 3MB and then gets himself thrown out.

Santino gets thrown out by Alberto. Damien thrown out by Cody. Alberto was able to eliminate Cody Rhodes and Gold Dust.

Alberto then throws out Show off…

The game ends with Cesaro and Big show in the ring and somehow Cesaro manages to throw out Big Show. Big show offers a handshake to him which shows the sports man spirit in him.


John Cena vs Wyat: Cena wins

Wyat starts the match while sitting down and barking, while John Cena asks him to stand up and fight. Wyat looks confident and dominates the initial part of the fight. Then comes Cena’s turn and he dominates the second half of the match. John Cena becomes really angry and it felt as if he is losing his temperament. Wyat takes advantage of John Cena’s temperament and dominates Cena. Wyat and team had a strategy from the beginning of the match and it felt as if it’s working.


Most of the match was dominated by Wyat and it seemed as if Cena is trying to manage his anguish while staying cautious about Wyat family’s interference. Cena manages to apply his final move but wyat kicks out. Wyat then throws out Cena. Cena spears one of Wyat family’s member. Cena then puts on leg lock but wyat manages to get to the rope. Wyat then applies his finishing move but Cena kicks out. Now it seems Wyat is losing his temperament.

Finally Cena manages to put his mind together and wins.


Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania 30,2014: streak ends

Now comes the match I was waiting for. The best former UFC champion vs my all time favorite wrestlemania guy “Undertaker”. This match has great importance as it will define whether Undertaker’s streak goes on or comes to an end.

For me Undertaker is really special, as he has won 21 wrestlemania matches consecutively. This match was Undertaker’s 22nd wrestlemania match. Awesome record of 21-0 i.e. 21 wins 0 losses. What makes Undertaker so powerful. Finally the moment comes and the match starts. One of the biggest matches in the history. No one was able to end Undertaker’s streak. Keep reading to know what happened. Undertaker starts working on left shoulder of Lesnar. Brock takes Undertaker to the corner of the ring and tries to spear but Undertaker gets out of the way. Now lesnar starts targeting the left leg of Undertaker. Then comes a time when the match was completely dominated by Brock Lesnar. Lesnar attacks the left leg of Undertaker again and again making it impossible for him to walk.

Undertaker manages to throw a DDT. Undertaker gets back into the game and attacks Lesnar viciously. Taker Choke Slams Lesnar but he manages to kick out. Then Lesnar F5’s Taker and Taker kicks out.

Taker applies hells gate submission but Lesnar picks him up and throws him off. Taker applies Hells’ gate again but again lesnar picks him up and throws him off.

Lesnar applies Kamura Arm Lock which is reversed by Taker.

Then Lesnar throws F5 but Taker kicks out.

Tomb stone applied by Taker but Lesnar kicks out….wow what a match it is…no one was giving up.

Finally Lesnar F5’s Taker third time and to my surprise win the match. I am astonished and so is the world.

Still the respect for Undertaker will remain forever.

No wrestler has ever won 21 wrestlemania matches in a row except Undertaker.

Hats off to Brock Lesnar’s awesome performance.


Batista vs Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan: Daniel the new WWE champion now…

During the end of the match, Daniel Bryan was in the worst physical condition and doctors were trying to help him out but his awesome will gave him the spirit and he went back to fight Batista and Randy Orton. Finally Daniel wins and becomes the new wwe Champion. Triple H and Stephanie tried to pull off his leg during the match but still Daniel Bryan managed to win…Awesome match, I loved it. “YES” “YES” “YES”


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WWE wrestlers biographies


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Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania 30 2014 details and his Biography

daniel bryan wrestlemania 30 2014 details and his biography

Daniel Bryan Biography and his expected contribution at wrestlemania 2014:



Daniel Bryan was born on May 22, 1981 in Aberdeen, Washington, United States. His full name is “Bryan Danielson”. Currently He is 33 years old. One of my favorite wrestlers because of his super will power and the way he never gives up and keeps on going. I personally think that he is the only wrestler on whom the beard suits a lot. He is not that taller (5 ft 10 in) but has super astonishing athletic abilities. I think his main power is submission and he should work on it more… His wrestling Debut was in 1999..Currently he resides in Phoenix Arizona, USA

He weighs around 95 kg 210 lb

I like the way he says “YES’ in a loud manner. The way he says yes is much cheered by his fans during all wrestling events. At Wrestlemania 30,2014, Bryan is facing Triple-H who is a much experience wrestler than him. Triple H has faced all top wrestlers of his era and has a memorable Wrestlemania History. I am really looking forward to this match, I wonder whether Triple H is going to finish the match with his pedigree or whether Bryan will apply his arm lock to finish the game. In both ways I have a strong feeling that it will be a great match. Will Triple H be over confident because of his astonishing and super wrestling career or will be stay calm and fight to win? Or will Bryan be able to control his emotions and bring the best of his abilities to the Game? Lets see!!! Today is 5th of April here at my place or zone…I will be updating Wrestlemania 30, 2014 results on this blog of mine as soon as possible so stay connected with my site and keep visiting back.

My prediction about the match between Daniel Bryan and Triple H is that Triple H will win because of the expected interference from Kane and other guys…but I want to see Bryan win…


Thanks for reading my post and keep coming back for more cool information about Wrestling..

Hulk Hogan Biography

Hulk Hogan Biography:


Born as Terry Gene Bollea (his birth name), on August 11, 1953, in Augusta, Georgia, Hulk Hogan was uncovered in 1979 by World Wrestling Federation holder Vince Mcmahon and had his presentation match against Andre the Giant, which he won. Hulkamania spread from that point. Reinventing himself as Hollywood Hogan in 1996, he made a rebound and featured in his TV show with his family, Hogan Knows Best, from 2005 to 2009.

Bollea obtained an enthusiasm for wrestling in secondary school. He happened to study at Hillsborough Community College and the University of South Florida. Regardless of his training, his investment stayed in the ring and he never gained his degree. Rather, he decided to commit his time to working out in a nearby exercise center claimed by wrestlers Jack and Jerry Brisco. Supported by these two siblings, Bollea used a couple of months wrestling on little circuits in the Southeast.

In 1979, Bollea’s ability gotten the consideration of Vincent Mcmahon Sr., the incredible promoter and holder of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), the most unmistakable wrestling association in the Northeast. Mcmahon gave Bollea a chance to join the WWF—and to make another personality. In view of his monstrous body (he stood 6 feet 8 inches, and weighed 303 pounds) and his uncanny likeness to the comic book saint, the Incredible Hulk, Mcmahon proposed that Terry accept the stage name “Hulk Hogan.”

In 1980, Hogan had his presentation session against the savage Andre the Giant. Hogan won the match, alongside the appreciation and backing of wrestling fans all around the nation. Performing artist Sylvester Stallone was so inspired by Hogan’s execution that he give him a role as “Thunderlips the Ultimate Male” in his 1982 film, Rocky III.

WWF Star

In 1984, Hogan was granted the WWF title sash for his important annihilation of the Iron Sheik. Hogan rose to super-fame. The ensuing fan furor got fabulous, and earned the epithet “Hulkamania.” Hogan might hold his title for three more years, and his prosperity throughout this time reinforced the general population’s interest with expert wrestling.

By 1985, Hogan had procured enormous fame around Americans. His picture was advertised to offer a huge number of items, and he started to assume heading parts in various movies. In 1989, Hogan featured in the wrestling motion picture No Holds Barred. This film encountered moderate victory, yet was trailed by a few low performing motion picture tasks, including Mr. Babysitter (1993) and Santa with Muscles (1996).

The victory Hogan appreciated in the 1980s disappeared in the early 90s. Blamed for giving anabolic steroids to its wrestlers, the WWF experienced a turbulent trial in which Hogan was called to affirm against his previous supervisor, Vince Mcmahon Jr. Hogan’s affirmation of medication misuse constrained him to end both his wrestling and movie profession.

I have grown up watching his wrestling events. The way he used to rip off his t-shirt and the way he used to blow air out of his mouth was awesome. Wrestling fans around the world still consider him as one of the most entertaining wrestler. Few months back Hulk Hogan was a part of TNA. He also had a special appearance set for him at a WWE event but he didn’t show up. We wish him the best of health and spirit.

Other famous wrestlers of his Era are Warrior, Undertaker, Andre The Giant and many more. I am looking forward to Wrestlemania 2014 and can’t wait to see it go live. Hulk Hogan is still famous among children and there are many toys in store representing his wrestling Era.

His WWF win and loss record is as under:

He won: 130 matches – 78.79%

Draws: There were 6 draws – 3.64%

Losses: he lost 29 matches – 16.58%