Battleground WWE Event 2015 Results

Battleground WWE Event 2015

The event took place on 19th of July at Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. This was the third battleground event.
Many exciting fights took place. Specially the one I was really looking forward to ‘Rollins vs Brock’

Sheamus vs Randy Orton:

Sheamus won Money in the bank recently and now wants to settle his account with Randy, as animosity kept on building between the two…
Randy wins with his signature move the RKO…

New Day vs Prime time players:

Prime time players won

Roman vs Wyatt:

wwe event battleground

It was a grudge match as Wyatt was interrupting in almost every Roman’s fight. Wyatt won the match with his signature move ..

John Cena vs Kevin:

john cena vs kevin
john cena vs kevin

Kevin has beaten John Cena in earlier events and this time it was for United States Championship. John has been defending his United States title well for quite some time now but Kevin is a tough opponent. The fight was really tough eventually John won the match in a dominant way through submission and made Kevin Tap..

Rollins vs Brock:

battleground 2015
Rollins vs Brock

I was waiting for this fight for a long time but to be honest with you all, it was all messed up when Under Taker came in the ring. Under Taker has millions of fans across the globe but to interrupt in the main event is not something which he should have done, doesn’t go with his style and caliber.
Brock had almost won the fight. The authority should make such events secure and interruption free. Only because Brock won Wrestlemania against Taker doesn’t give him the authority to spoil the main event when world championship belt is online.

Sometimes I feel it should be more of a fight rather than entertainment factor.

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Another action packed event of WWE Payback is over and as many had predicted, Seth Rollins has been successful in holding his title back with him even this year. Rollins had to overdo WWE stalwarts like Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Randy Orton in the Fatal 4 way match to retain his title of WWE World Heavyweight championship.

payback 2015 results

The Singles matches were action packed

The nine matches that were played during the Payback 2015 saw a lot of action and thrill as R-Truth defeated Stardust, Sheamus overpowered Dolph Zigger, Neville defeated King Barrett and Ryback was grounded by Bray Wyatt in the Singles match.

While all the singles matches had some good and noteworthy highlights, the first one deserves special mention as a lot of arse kissing was seen there. Ziggler in his quest to take revenge shoves his butt on the face of Sheamus that infuriated the later and after a series of White noise, Cloverleaf and Brogue kicks, Sheamus wins the contest and makes Ziggler kiss his arse to avenge his insult a few minutes back.

Other matches

The tag team match of the WWE Payback 2015 found The Ascension victorious over the Meta Powers. Konnor and Victor of The Ascensions overpowered Curtis Axel and Macho Mandow of The Meta Powers in matter of no time. In the other Tag team match, the pair of Naomi and Tamina defeated the Bella twins in a match that lasted for just over six minutes.
The conquest for the WWE United States Championship or the I Quit Match was won by defending champion John Cena who overpowered Rusev in a 28 minutes long match. John Cena, the old veteran who has been in the rings since 1999 proved yet again that when it comes to matter of muscles, he is still the unquestionable champion.

The main event was full of drama

The major event of the Payback 2015 was the Fatal 4 way match which was a contest between Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins where the last one managed a pinfall victory after a lot of action and drama in a match that lasted for 23 minutes and 52 seconds. During the match, initially Orton was dumped on the announce table by the triple Powerbomb and the when Rollins called for reunion of the group, Ambrose and Reigns charge Rollins. After a lot of powerbombs and Superman punches, Rollins kicks Orton to hit a pedigree and win the title yet again this year.

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