Rey Mysterio biography-Wrestlemania 2014

Rey Mysterio biography and his presence at Wrestlemania 2014:




Rey Mysterio is one of my all time favorite wrestler. Inspite of being short in terms of physical height, his fighting abilities are awesome. He is really famous all around the world specially among children.

Recently he got his arm injured twice by Alberto…

I am really looking forward to his fight at wrestlemania 30, 2014. His opponent was Sin cara but I think the authorities are now finding a different opponent for him at wrestlemania 2014. I wish him all the very best.

His wrestling style and athletic ability is something which inspires all the wrestling fans across the globe.

Rey Mysterio was born in Mexico on 11th Dec, 1974. He was taught wrestling by his uncle Rey Mysterio Senior.
Wrestling debut was in 1989. His real name is Oscar Gutierrez.

I wonder why wrestlers who wear mask inspire us more …it’s because because they resemble super heroes with
special costumes and abilities/powers.

It’s not the height, it’s the fighting technique which matters and he has proven it many times at many events.

Let me tell you another secret about why I like him. It’s because I am 5 feet 6 inches tall too..and it gives
me courage to see a fighter like him beating the hell out of much taller opponents. Just another info that he
weighs around 175 lb i.e. around 79 kg.

Wish to see you win at wrestlemania 2014…
All the wrestlers put up a great show for us, yet taking great risks (getting injured).

Rey Mysterio won WCW championship thrice and wwe championship thrice. He is currently the world’s most light
weight wrestler of WWE.

All the best..can’t wait to see you go live in action at Wrestlemania 30..

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