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Batista at Wrestlemania 2014 and his biography

Batista at Wrestlemania 2014 and his biography:

David Michael “Dave” Batista (or simply Batista, as he is known) will be part of the grandest stage of all, Wrestlemania. His return on January 26th, where he won the Royal Rumble match earned him a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. He is going to face Randy Orton, who successfully defended his title in a Elimination match, thus assured his place in Wrestlemania, which this year will be held on 6th April, in Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans.

The COO of WWE, Triple H made a change in the rules, allowing the winner of the match between Daniel Bryan and The Game will be allowed to fight with Batista and Randy Orton, turning the main championship match into a Triple Threat Match. This happened after the fans of the wrestling showed to WWE that they were not pleased by the single fight, but allowing either Daniel Bryan or Triple H in the match made them reconsider.

Dave Batista isn’t exactly the most beloved professional wrestler, after several controversial stories were published by online sites. One of them claimed that he was involved in a real life fistfight with the Booker T, and according to the WWE.com the fight was started because Batista though he is the best in the roster and his really quick climb to become the main event in wrestling. Also ESPN article accused him of using anabolic steroids alongside other professional wrestlers. WWE fired ten wrestlers in connection with this story, but Batista wasn’t one of them. He announced that he wasn’t guilty and that he was in full compliance with WWE Wellness program.


Batista responded to the crowd numerously, he even told them that he hasn’t come back to WWE to be liked, but to be the next Heavyweight Champion. After Royal Rumble Match 2014, where he entered at number 28 and won the game, he was continuously booed by the audience, while he responded with showing his middle finger to them. He also hit back at the audience, telling them that they begged him to return, but now they are booing him and cheering Daniel Bryan even when he is not on the stage.

After the unification of the two WWE and World Heavyweight titles, which happened in December, this is going to be the first year in a long time, when there will be only one world champion in Wrestlemania, which will make the victory even more important.