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Big Show at Wrestlemania 2014 and biography

Big Show at Wrestlemania 2014 and his biography:

Will this event be big as he is??



Paul Randall Wight, Jr, more famous for his nickname in WWE Big Show, is the only professional wrestler who have held the four titles in wrestling.
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He has already made a few appearances this year, having a few confrontation with Brock Lesnar with the final battle being held in Royal Rumble. Ultimately The Big Show lost and he was also brutally beaten with steel chairs. Another his appearance was on March 7th, where he interfered to safe Daniel Bryan from Batista and Kane, which resulted in a tag team match, where Big Show and Daniel Bryan won.

Wrestlemania is a professional ppv (pay per view) event, which is produced yearly from WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) around the beginning of April. This year it will be at 6th April and this edition will be the thirtieth one. It will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Last year the event had attendance of 80,676 and millions more TV viewers.

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This year an additional event was added on Wrestlemania – WM30 Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Its a multi-wrestler fight, and in this case it will include 30 wrestler who will be looking for a win in the Wrestlemania. The Big Show is one of the favorites to win this event, for a few reasons. He came into the WWE spotlight credited as the son of Andre The Giant, so he is the perfect one to win this memorial title. Both of them have plenty of similarities, both of them are the big guys, who use their size for their advantages. Both of them made a lot to improve the wrestling image in the popular media, so it is just fitting that the Big Show will win this fight. Let’s not forget that in these kind of games the size gives advantage, which is another thing in his favor.

It is clear that this Battle Royal won’t be the crown of this years Wrestlemania. Its goal is simply showing the fans some of the new young talent in wrestling. All of those have an option to make a name for themselves, winning a fight in Wrestlemania and eventually winning against the top contender – The Big Show. But yet The Big Show has won championships on all levels, which is a proof that he has the belts to back his skills.

Of course, nothing should be taken for granted yet. Everything for the Andre title will be decided at 6th April in this years Wrestlemania.

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