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Extreme Rules 2014 location matches and date

Extreme Rules 2014 location,matches and date:

Extreme Rules (2014)

is going to take place on 4th of May, 2014 at IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
I am really looking forward to this event.


brief info about Extreme Rules Event:

It will be the sixth extreme rules event. Extreme rules started to take place in 2009.
You can categorize extreme rules as hardcore wrestling as the rules are extreme.
Steal Cage matches normally take place on this event.


One of such match in between John Cena and Wyat, looking forward to it as it will
be a nice match. John Cena fans around the world are looking forward to this match
as John will wrestle to re prove that he can beat Wyat.

Shield and Evolution:


While Evolution and Triple H were kicking the hell out of Bryan, Shield came into action and stopped evolution.
This resulted in this match. Lets see what happens.

Bryan vs Kane:

Bryan got a lot of competitors after becoming world champion. It seems as if authorities are not happy with Bryan’s
win. At extreme rules, Bryan will be facing the demon Kane..

Big E awaits title contender for Intercontinental championship

The slot is still not filled for the Intercontinental championship title contender. I will update this post
as soon as the contender gets finalized. Big E has proven to be tough. Wish him all the best..!

Rusev vs R-Truth and Xavier

My personal opinion is that it will be an easy fight for Rusev as R-Truth’s history shows a lot of losses. It seems
as if R-Truth has lost the real fighting spirit. Xavier is a new guy and lacks fighting experience.
Lets see what happens at extreme rules 2014.

Brock Lesnar vs ?

Brock Lesnar is now being counted in the series of 30 roughest brawlers in history.
He deserves it because of his win over Undertaker. He is one of the best wrestlers and fighters
in the world. I wonder who will be his opponent at extreme rules.

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