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WWE Stone Cold Biography

wwe stone cold biography

wwe stone cold

Biography – Stone Cold

Early Life

Steve Anderson was born on December 18, 1964, in Victoria, Texas. He was raised by stepfather, Ken Williams & his mother, Steve was never able to know his biological father, & soon took Williams’s name, he grew up in Edna, Texas, as part of a large family. In his high school life, he was admitted in the National Honor Society before he won a football scholarship to the University of North Texas. In the year 1987, with only a few credits short of a graduate degree in physical education, Steve dropped out of college & started working on a loading dock in Texas.

Debut In Professional Wrestling

In the year 1989, he started to develop a deep interest in wrestling. He then joined a new wrestling school in Dallas. after his graduation, he joined the U.S Wrestling Association & in 1990 he had his very first professional wrestling match. At the time of his first year on the tour, he traveled across the southern United States, earning $20 for one fight & residing in his only car. In 1991, he debuted World Championship Wrestling (WCW) after dropping his good guy personality, and was called as “Stunning” Steve Austin.

While he was in WCW, he began to partner with Brian Pillman. In 1993, they won the World Tag Team Title. Austin was also able to win the WCW U.S title in 1993. Unfortunately, in 1994, he tore his tricep while he was wrestling in Japan & was eventually fired by WCW, a rejection which he was hardly going to forgive easily. After a stint in ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling). In late 1995, Steve Austin signed with WWF (World Wrestling Federation). After which people started calling him as “Stone Cold”.

WWF Success

Austin won 4 federation titles and several other tag team as well as individual championships, during the period of 1995-1999. His endurance became famous: after he suffered from a serious nerve injury to his neck during early 1997, he came back to win the WWF title the same year. Austin’s long-running conflict with the WWF (now WWE) owner McMahon, which resulted to numerous attacks within the ring, raised the television ratings of the WWF & further boosted Austin’s popularity. Austin is hugely considered as one of the most popular wrestlers in WWF. In the year 1998 alone, Austin earned an estimated $1.2 million salary in addition to a massive sum in merchandising royalties.

Acting Career

In 1998 and 1999, Austin appeared as Jake Cage on numerous episodes of the TV series Nash Bridges, acting as a renegade policeman helping out the show’s good boys.

Steve Austin’s marriage to Kathy, his first wife, was disallowed. Jeannie, his second wife, whom he married in the year 1995, served as his valet once. They’ve 2 kids, Cassidy & Stephanie.

Stone Cold underwent spinal treatment, in January 2000, to repair damage which was done during his wrestling career, which put him off commission for 6 months to 12 months.

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