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The Undertaker wrestlemania 2014 Guy:

The Undertaker wrestlemania 2014 Guy:



Mark William Calaway. The only wrestler who remains an active competitor from the first episode of WWE Raw. He is also holding the record of being undefeated in Wrestlemania, WWE’s premier yearly event with unrivaled score of 21-0. He has also the longest undefeated streak from Dec 1991 to September 1993. Yes, this is The Undertaker.

As it was expected, he made his return to Wrestlemania, in front of the surprised Brock Lesnar. Lesnar’s manager asked him to sign a contract for a fight with his client, but the cold-blooded Undertaker took the pen, stabbed Lesnar’s hand with it and chokeslammed him through the table. He didn’t officially signed the contract but it is hard to find another opponent after this action.

He is famous for his entrances. He delivered another one at March 24, where he rises from a casket to attack Brock, making him retreat.


The Undertaker is now 48 years old and yet he hasn’t shown any signs that he thinks to surrender. He is probably the only wrestler who can take a full year break and return for a few matches, where he performs at the highest level and yet he is doing that for the last years and it works for him.

It is clear that one loss for the Undertaker in Wrestlemania will be the end for him. There won’t be any point in him returning each year with his streak broken. But it is questionable whether WWE will broke the streak as the deal work for both sides, as WWE get one premier match each year, while the Undertaker gets a good payday without having to go on the road and wrestle actively.

Last years contets between The Undertaker and CM Punk was the most expected fight, even though everyone knew that The Undertaker will win and it turned out to be the best display in last year’s calendar. He even stayed for a few more weeks after the Wrestlemania and made a few additional matches, where The Shield were involved, and the three of them attacked him while he was alone. Kane and Daniel Bryan came to rescue and fend off the Shield.

He is a legend of Wrestlemania and he mages up for his age, with his experience and presence on the stage. And now he is back, assumingly he will match Lesnar, making the next few weeks in Wrestlemania very interesting.