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WWE wrestlemania 30 2014 results with complete matches details

WWE wrestlemania 30 2014 results with complete matches details:


The arena was filled with 75000 people from 50 states and 38 countries around the world.

In the start of the event, Hulk Hogan comes out then comes Stone Cold. He praised Hulk for his awesome wrestlemania career. Then comes the one and only “The Rock”. The Rock said Hulk Hogan had great influence on his career.


Triple H vs Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania 30, 2014: Daniel wins

wrestlemania 30 brock lesnar

The first match starts “Tiple H vs Bryan”. Triple H looks down to Daniel as if he is the most junior wrestler in front of him. Triple H offers a handshake which is refused by Bryan, kicking his hand out. Triple H goes for the left injured arm of Bryan but Bryan makes his way out. While Triple H is out of Ring, Bryan gets on top of the ropes and dives on him hitting him hard. Triple H goes on to the commentators’ table and tries to pedigree Bryan but eventually was only able to injure Bryan’s left arm.


Triple H manages to put a cross face submission on Daniel. It is reversed by Bryan as Bryan puts on his arm lock on Triple H but Triple H manages to get to the rope. The match goes on, Triple H hits a spine buster followed by pedigree but Bryan doesn’t give up. I was really shocked at the end that Daniel Bryan wins with the Knee attack right into the face of Triple H.

wrestlemania 30 daniel bryan

Shield vs Outlaw: Shield wins

The shield gets an upper hand right from the beginning. It was an easy match for Shield as they concentrated on team work right from the start. Almost no resistance from the Outlaw. Kane gets kicked out and while Kane is out, Shield takes advantage and manages to throw a double power bomb, finally Shield wins the match.

Andre the Giant match: Cesaro wins

30 men fighting each other and only one survivor. To eliminate a wrestler, one fighter has to throw out the other over the ropes. Yoshi gets thrown out first, then the general manager of Raw. Then goes Brodus followed by Kali and Zack Rider. Mark Henry eliminates all 3 members of 3MB and then gets himself thrown out.

Santino gets thrown out by Alberto. Damien thrown out by Cody. Alberto was able to eliminate Cody Rhodes and Gold Dust.

Alberto then throws out Show off…

The game ends with Cesaro and Big show in the ring and somehow Cesaro manages to throw out Big Show. Big show offers a handshake to him which shows the sports man spirit in him.


John Cena vs Wyat: Cena wins

Wyat starts the match while sitting down and barking, while John Cena asks him to stand up and fight. Wyat looks confident and dominates the initial part of the fight. Then comes Cena’s turn and he dominates the second half of the match. John Cena becomes really angry and it felt as if he is losing his temperament. Wyat takes advantage of John Cena’s temperament and dominates Cena. Wyat and team had a strategy from the beginning of the match and it felt as if it’s working.


Most of the match was dominated by Wyat and it seemed as if Cena is trying to manage his anguish while staying cautious about Wyat family’s interference. Cena manages to apply his final move but wyat kicks out. Wyat then throws out Cena. Cena spears one of Wyat family’s member. Cena then puts on leg lock but wyat manages to get to the rope. Wyat then applies his finishing move but Cena kicks out. Now it seems Wyat is losing his temperament.

Finally Cena manages to put his mind together and wins.


Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania 30,2014: streak ends

Now comes the match I was waiting for. The best former UFC champion vs my all time favorite wrestlemania guy “Undertaker”. This match has great importance as it will define whether Undertaker’s streak goes on or comes to an end.

For me Undertaker is really special, as he has won 21 wrestlemania matches consecutively. This match was Undertaker’s 22nd wrestlemania match. Awesome record of 21-0 i.e. 21 wins 0 losses. What makes Undertaker so powerful. Finally the moment comes and the match starts. One of the biggest matches in the history. No one was able to end Undertaker’s streak. Keep reading to know what happened. Undertaker starts working on left shoulder of Lesnar. Brock takes Undertaker to the corner of the ring and tries to spear but Undertaker gets out of the way. Now lesnar starts targeting the left leg of Undertaker. Then comes a time when the match was completely dominated by Brock Lesnar. Lesnar attacks the left leg of Undertaker again and again making it impossible for him to walk.

Undertaker manages to throw a DDT. Undertaker gets back into the game and attacks Lesnar viciously. Taker Choke Slams Lesnar but he manages to kick out. Then Lesnar F5’s Taker and Taker kicks out.

Taker applies hells gate submission but Lesnar picks him up and throws him off. Taker applies Hells’ gate again but again lesnar picks him up and throws him off.

Lesnar applies Kamura Arm Lock which is reversed by Taker.

Then Lesnar throws F5 but Taker kicks out.

Tomb stone applied by Taker but Lesnar kicks out….wow what a match it is…no one was giving up.

Finally Lesnar F5’s Taker third time and to my surprise win the match. I am astonished and so is the world.

Still the respect for Undertaker will remain forever.

No wrestler has ever won 21 wrestlemania matches in a row except Undertaker.

Hats off to Brock Lesnar’s awesome performance.


Batista vs Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan: Daniel the new WWE champion now…

During the end of the match, Daniel Bryan was in the worst physical condition and doctors were trying to help him out but his awesome will gave him the spirit and he went back to fight Batista and Randy Orton. Finally Daniel wins and becomes the new wwe Champion. Triple H and Stephanie tried to pull off his leg during the match but still Daniel Bryan managed to win…Awesome match, I loved it. “YES” “YES” “YES”


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