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WWE payback 2014 results and analysis

wwe payback 2014 results & analysis

Cesaro vs Sheamus:

cesaro vs sheamus payback 2014

The first match was between Cesaro and Sheamus for US title. In the beginning Paul Heyman comes bragging about his client Brock Lesnar and finally the Swiss Superman (Paul Heyman’s new guy) Cesaro comes out. In the match momentum kept on changing from one to another. Cesaro slaps Sheamus on face multiple times making it personal. Sheamus wins the match with a sneaky move.

Cody Rhodes-Goldust vs Ryback-Curtis Axel (tag team match):

Cody Rhodes-Goldust vs Ryback-Curtis Axel payback 2014

Cody Rhodes-Goldust hardly had any success during the previous weeks and this was their chance to prove that they have the ability and skills to win but unfortunately they lost. Ryback and Curtis Axel won the match.

Rusev vs Big E:

rusev vs big e payback 2014

3rd match was between Rusev and Big E. In fact it was a match between 2 nations. Rusev has a really good record of winning against all fighters but Big E has the belt. The match continues and both wrestlers show great fighting spirit. Rusev wins with his same old submission and becomes Inter Continental Champion.

kofi kingston vs Bolieve:

kofi payback 2014

During the start of the fight Kane comes in the ring and starts attacking Kofi. Kane choke slams Kofi. Bolieve stays out of the ring and does nothing. NO decision match.

Rob Van Dam vs Bad News Barrett:

Rob Van Dam vs Bad News Barrett payback 2014

RVD is not the same wrestler he used to be, although he still has a lot of fans. In the beginning of the match, all attacks by RVD looked weak. I mean there was almost no strength in his kicks and punches. Wastes a lot of time bragging about his name and waving his arms. I was absolutely right and Bad News Barrett wins the match.

WWE News:

Daniel’s wife slaps Stephanie and says I quit, not giving Stephanie Mcmahon the chance to fire her. Daniel is still the world champ but didn’t fight at payback event because of his injuries.

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt:

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt payback 2014

This was the best fight at payback. It was a last man standing match. A match for which all fans were waiting for anxiously. There were many points during the match where I thought that it’s over but Bray Wyatt and John Cena showed great courage and endurance. Interference from Wyatt’s team and USOS was obvious and legal too. Both wrestlers used chairs and tables to beat each other but the winner was John Cena. Awesome fight and great ending.

Evolution vs Shield:

Evolution vs Shield payback 2014

An old but experienced team (Evolution) vs young energetic team (Shield). Evolution completely dominated 75% of the match but their mistake was not to count out or eliminate any member of Shield. Shield members managed to come back in the game and beat Evolution. Great show of game spirit. Hats off to Shield.

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