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WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Results

WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Results


In this blog post, I will quickly share the match results for WWE Royal Rumble 2018 which was held on 28th January, 2018 at “Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia

The 2018 Royal Rumble was a massive spectacle in terms of crowd and PPV business in Philadelphia, as the Road to WrestleMania 34 begins

News: Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka won the respective men’s and women’s Royal Rumbles becoming the first and second Asian professional wrestlers to win one of the company’s top honors each year. Courtesy CBSSPORTS

The Revival defeats Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson via pinfall (Kickoff Show)

United States Championship — Bobby Roode defeats Mojo Rawley via pinfall to retain the title (Kickoff Show)

WWE Championship — AJ Styles (c) defeats Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn via pinfall to retain the title

SmackDown Tag Team Championship — The Usos (c) defeats Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin 2-0 to retain the titles

30-Man Royal Rumble Match — Shinsuke Nakamura eliminates Roman Reigns to win

Raw Tag Team Championship — The Bar defeats Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan via pinfall to win the titles

Universal Championship — Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Braun Strowman vs. Kane
Brock wins…!

I will discuss this fight in detail as Brock is my favorite fighter. He has not only been at the top in WWE but also in UFC. His last fight against Mark Hunt was a clear indication of his growth as one of the best mixed martial artists in his weight division.

Let me cut the chase and tell you what happened in the fight

Braun kept on giving Brock hard time but an F5 from Brock on the Commentator’s table was a game changer move. Braun stamina was appreciated by the commentators as for a 385 pounder to fight for that long counts a lot. Brock was cunning and waited for the right time to make his move. Later Braun was burried under the announce table by Brock. Later Strowman hit Brock with consecutive running power slams. In the mean time, Kane takes advantage and hits Strowman out with a chair bang. As Kane prepares Brock Lesnar for Tombstone Piledriver, Brock smartly reverses it and hit an F5 winning the match

WWE Royal Rumble Main highlight:

Ronda Rousey makes her formal debut in WWE and will be performing full time for WWE. She has already signed the contract with WWE.

Ronda was one of my favorite female fighters in UFC and she defended the Bantamweight title a number of times in UFC. Her last fight against Nunes was disappointing and she left UFC. I hope that Ronda comes back to MMA again and conquer the art again. A fighter remains a fighter for life. It’s something inside of you, which you cannot build with training or experience. There should be a fighter in you and I am sure that Ronda will soon be able to discover the new fighter in her and come back to MMA. Wish her the best!

For more details, feel free to visit WWE’s offical site

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WrestleMania: Year to Year

WrestleMania: Year to Year

Dating back to its first-year play in 1985, one of the biggest shows on this earth, WrestleMania, has gained unbelievably a huge number of fans. Last year, the show reached its 31st edition, and we can surely say that there is truly a long history happening between those years to this even produced by WWE, the world’s biggest wrestling community.
Throughout those years, the event has also received a number of world records, such as the third WrestleMania which has been given an acknowledgment for being noted as the highest-attended indoor sports event. It was held in Detroit, Michigan and recorded that there were 93,173 spectators witnessing the show. No doubt that it can still be standing out till today.
By the way, we know a lot of things have happened in the stadiums where WM has ever taken place, and among them best and worst moments have also been parts of the history.
The history has listed that the game between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels in the WrestleMania XXV is worth to be named as the best moment throughout the event’s history.
Spectators saw a lot of exciting moves acted by both fighters. Such a dramatic game was played by them and that is quite explaining what WM is about.
It is not an easy task to list what best moments in throughout these years in WM. So many dramas have ever been shown to WM fans, and every game was certainly loved and memorized by the fighters’ lovers. But we can at least agree with the previous judgment of the game between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels as one of the best.


And the two of them seem to show the universe that the game between them should always be hard. The 26th WM has witnessed another best play of the two of them. The world watched how hard each of them tried to beat another. Brutal acts were absolute and those did not come to an end until one of the two was sent out of the arena.
However, there would not be any best without the worst. We should agree with it, such as when Jake Roberts and Rick Martel involved in a game where the two of them managed to cover their head with masks so that neither of them could see. So, how did the rest of the game go? As you may be able to predict, the game run ridiculously as both of them could not even reach one another.
Best and worst are inevitable, but as long as it is enjoyable, WM is quite a legendary show.

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Wrestlemania 32 2016 Results and breakdown

Wrestlemania 32 2016 Results and breakdown

wrestlemania 32 2016

WrestleMania 32:

Everything You Need to Know About the Street Fight Between Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose

Before the match, Ambrose promised that he would throw everything he’d at “The Beast” Brock Lesnar, which also includes the weapons which was gifted to him by several WWE legends. In spite of all he’d in his collection, still it did not prove to be enough in order to put away Brock in a No Holds Barred Street Match.

Dean Ambrose and brock Lesnar initially crossed the paths when they were taken in a 3 Way contest at the Fastlane, another popular PPV b WWE for the spot of the No 1 contender of the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Neither of the men were able to won the contest, however they’ve been involved in plenty of collisions ever since with Dean challenging Brock to a street-match at WrestleMania-32.

As most would have expected, Brock Lesnar seemed to be quite dominant over Ambrose at the beginning, suplexing him a number of times. Dean Ambrose tried to come back with multiple kendo stick assaults, nonetheless these attack hardly did anything in order to slow down “The Beast”. Lesnar destroyed the kendo-sticks as if they were twigs in his hands suplexing Ambrose again and again.

Dean Ambrose, finally was able to take advantage of Brock’s biggest weakness, i.e., the Dick Punch. 1 nut-shot later & Dean smashed a suicide dive towards the outside & knocked Brock on his feet. Dean then, pulled off the chain saw which was handed to him by Terry Funk, however the dang thing could not start & Brock gave him another suplex right onto the ground. Dean took a chair & moved towards the top of the rope, nonetheless Lesnar ran up & gave him a Super Plex with terrifying speed.

Soon, Dean used the fire-extinguisher on Brock kicking a chair on his face, which gave him some hope that he desperately needed. He pulled off a number of chairs & threw them in the ring, just to have The Beast Suplex him on the pile of chairs. Brock went for him ultimate move, i.e., F-5 however Dean countered it in Dirty Deeds on the chair for the count of 2.

Ambrose, then picked the gift which was gifted to him by Mick Foley, i.e., the Barbed-Wire-Baseball-Bat. Nevertheless, that armament did not last long & Lesnar hit another F 5 on the chairs to register the victory.

Undertaker won over Shane McMahon. Shane climbed the cage twenty feet high and while attempting to hit undertaker with his elbow, fell on wood desk badly injuring himself.

Zack Rider becomes intercontinental champion for the first time.

Roman Reigns wins over Triple_H and becomes world heavy weight champion.

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Battleground WWE Event 2015 Results

Battleground WWE Event 2015

The event took place on 19th of July at Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. This was the third battleground event.
Many exciting fights took place. Specially the one I was really looking forward to ‘Rollins vs Brock’

Sheamus vs Randy Orton:

Sheamus won Money in the bank recently and now wants to settle his account with Randy, as animosity kept on building between the two…
Randy wins with his signature move the RKO…

New Day vs Prime time players:

Prime time players won

Roman vs Wyatt:

wwe event battleground

It was a grudge match as Wyatt was interrupting in almost every Roman’s fight. Wyatt won the match with his signature move ..

John Cena vs Kevin:

john cena vs kevin
john cena vs kevin

Kevin has beaten John Cena in earlier events and this time it was for United States Championship. John has been defending his United States title well for quite some time now but Kevin is a tough opponent. The fight was really tough eventually John won the match in a dominant way through submission and made Kevin Tap..

Rollins vs Brock:

battleground 2015
Rollins vs Brock

I was waiting for this fight for a long time but to be honest with you all, it was all messed up when Under Taker came in the ring. Under Taker has millions of fans across the globe but to interrupt in the main event is not something which he should have done, doesn’t go with his style and caliber.
Brock had almost won the fight. The authority should make such events secure and interruption free. Only because Brock won Wrestlemania against Taker doesn’t give him the authority to spoil the main event when world championship belt is online.

Sometimes I feel it should be more of a fight rather than entertainment factor.

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Overview of Elimination Chamber Event 2015 and Results

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Another action packed event of WWE Payback is over and as many had predicted, Seth Rollins has been successful in holding his title back with him even this year. Rollins had to overdo WWE stalwarts like Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Randy Orton in the Fatal 4 way match to retain his title of WWE World Heavyweight championship.

payback 2015 results

The Singles matches were action packed

The nine matches that were played during the Payback 2015 saw a lot of action and thrill as R-Truth defeated Stardust, Sheamus overpowered Dolph Zigger, Neville defeated King Barrett and Ryback was grounded by Bray Wyatt in the Singles match.

While all the singles matches had some good and noteworthy highlights, the first one deserves special mention as a lot of arse kissing was seen there. Ziggler in his quest to take revenge shoves his butt on the face of Sheamus that infuriated the later and after a series of White noise, Cloverleaf and Brogue kicks, Sheamus wins the contest and makes Ziggler kiss his arse to avenge his insult a few minutes back.

Other matches

The tag team match of the WWE Payback 2015 found The Ascension victorious over the Meta Powers. Konnor and Victor of The Ascensions overpowered Curtis Axel and Macho Mandow of The Meta Powers in matter of no time. In the other Tag team match, the pair of Naomi and Tamina defeated the Bella twins in a match that lasted for just over six minutes.
The conquest for the WWE United States Championship or the I Quit Match was won by defending champion John Cena who overpowered Rusev in a 28 minutes long match. John Cena, the old veteran who has been in the rings since 1999 proved yet again that when it comes to matter of muscles, he is still the unquestionable champion.

The main event was full of drama

The major event of the Payback 2015 was the Fatal 4 way match which was a contest between Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins where the last one managed a pinfall victory after a lot of action and drama in a match that lasted for 23 minutes and 52 seconds. During the match, initially Orton was dumped on the announce table by the triple Powerbomb and the when Rollins called for reunion of the group, Ambrose and Reigns charge Rollins. After a lot of powerbombs and Superman punches, Rollins kicks Orton to hit a pedigree and win the title yet again this year.

Overview of Elimination Chamber Event 2015 and Results

Extreme Rules 2015 Results

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Overview of Elimination Chamber Event 2015 and Results

A Brief Overview of Elimination Chamber Event 2015 and Results

Also known as No Escape (2015) in Germany, the Elimination Chamber (2015) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE). The event was held at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, on May 31, 2015.

Elimination Chamber (2015)

featured professional wrestling matches that involved wrestlers from pre-existing scripted feuds, plots and storylines that played out of WWE’s primary TV programs Raw, SmackDown and NXT.
Seven matches (one match on the pre-show) were organized at the event. In the main event, 29-year-old Dean Ambrose defeated WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins by disqualification, because of which Dean did not win the championship.
Stardust defeated Zack Ryder in the first singles match. In the Tag team Elimination Chamber match for WWE Tag Team Championship, The New Day defeated The Prime Time Players, The Ascension, Cesaro & Tyson Kidd, The Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores.


Nikki Bella defeated Paige and Naomi in the Triple Threat match for the WWE Divas Championship. John Cena lost to Kevin Owens in the Champion vs. Champion match. Neville defeated Bo Dallas in the fifth match. In the Elimination Chamber match for the vacant WWE Intercontinental Championship, Ryback defeated R-Truth, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, King Barrett and Mark Henry.
On the May 18 episode of Raw, Dean Ambrose had challenged WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins to a title match at the event, but Seth refused. Later in the night, Dean had attacked Seth until the Authority granted Dean a title match against Seth at the event.
In the singles match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins (with Joey Mercury, Jamie Noble and Kane) by disqualification. Had Roman Reigns entered or interfered, Dean would have been disqualified.
Now a few words about Dean Ambrose; actually Dean Ambrose is the ring name of Jonathan Good. Jonathan Good was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He idolized Bret Hart as a child. He used wrestling as an escape from his rough upbringing. He dropped out of high school. Today this American professional wrestler and actor is 1.93 meters tall and weighs 102 kilograms. He has headlined multiple pay-per-view events for WWE. He is in a relationship with WWE broadcaster Renee Paquette, better known by her ring name Renee Young.
Reviews of the event were mixed. While some critics like Jason Powell found the matches disappointing, others like Mike Tedesco thought the event was excellent.

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2014 – Hell in a Cell Results and analysis

2014 – Hell in a Cell Results and analysis

hell in a cell 2014 matches and results

The 2014 Hell in a Cell pay per view event took place at Dallas, Texas.

If you were unable to watch this event, given below is a brief summary of the match results:

1. Singles event – Bo Dallas VS Mark Henry

Dallas proclaimed that he was the new “World’s Strongest Man” since he had defeated Henry on 4 occasions, only for Henry to put this into the bed using “World’s Strongest Slam”.

2. 2 out-of 3 falls count event for the Intercontinental Title – Dolph Ziggler beat Cesaro 2-0

Dolph was able to claim the initial fall using a quick rollup in a Big Sweep, after this he followed it up using a Super-kick & marched his way to achieve a convincing win using his ZIG ZAG move.

3. Singles event – Nikki Bella beat Brie Bella

The defeated became the personal assistant of the winner for thirty days; in the case the defeated doesn’t obey, she’ll have to quit the WWE.

Brie Bella was defeated by her sister after she was hit by 2 Rack Attacks.

4. WWE tag-team championship – Star and Goldust (c) beat Jimmy & Jey Uso (i.e., the Usos)

Stardust assisted Goldust in performing a Final Cut for sealing their win.

5. Hell in a Cell match – Cena defeated Randy Orton

To decide the number 1 challenger for WWE World Heavyweight Title

A close battle saw John Cena’s Attitude of Adjustment for getting Randy Orton thru the table that made all the RKO Vines for nothing.

6. Singles battle for WWE U.S Title – The Miz beaten by Sheamus

Sheamus was able to hold on his championship using a Brogue-Kick to the Miz.

7. Singles match – Big Show defeated by Rusev by submission

After Rusev was able to lock in the Accolade, the referee decided to call off the match. The giant was defeated.

8. Singles event for the WWE Divas Title – Paige beaten by AJ Lee by submission

One more submission victory as AJ Lee got Paige in her Black-Widow.

9. Hell in a Cell battle – Dean Ambrose defeated by Seth Rollins (along with Joey Mercury & Jamie Noble)

Major part of this battle happened on the top of and near the cage. Once the bell rang, the duo headed in side. Then there was intervention from “Corporate Kane”, however he was outdone by a bigger intruder when Bray Wyatt came back, firstly in the hologram form a la 2pac that distracted Dean Ambrose, afterwards in the flesh in order to hit Ambrose & give Seth the pin.

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A brief overview of the WWE Night of Champions 2014

SummerSlam WWE 2014 Date Location and Results

A brief overview of the WWE Night of Champions 2014

A brief overview of the WWE Night of Champions 2014

WWE Night of Champions 2014

WWE deals primarily in professional wrestling. The World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., also gets revenue from music, film, direct product sales and product licensing.
WWE Night of Champions 2014 was produced by WWE. This professional wrestling PPV event took place on September 21 2014 at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. The main event witnessed John Cena defeat Brock Lesnar by disqualification after Seth Rollins interfered.
In the team tag match for the WWE Tag Team Championship, Goldust and Stardust defeated The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso). It was an entertaining match. Sheamus defeated Cesaro in the singles match for the WWE United States Championships. Sheamus gained control early in the match. The finish was really disappointing. The match was stiff and had its good spots.
The Miz (with Damien Mizdow) defeated Dolph Ziggler (with R-Ziggler) in the singles match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. It was a disappointing match. Some people were of the opinion that Miz does not deserve the push he was getting by the company. Seth Rollins defeated Roman Reigns by forfeit. Dean Ambrose got a huge pop.
Rusev (with Lana) defeated Mark Henry by submission. The finish was expected. No one expected Henry to beat Rusev. Rusev is being built to be a monster heal. The match was kind of slow and decent.
Randy Orton defeated Chris Jericho. This excellent match had a nice methodical pace and good psychology. AJ Lee defeated Paige and Nikki Bella by submission in the triple threat match for the WWE Divas Championship. It was a decent divas match. AJ Lee got the title back quicker than expected. Surprisingly crowd did not show much interest.
In the singles match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, John Cena defeated Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) by disqualification. It was an even match. Lesnar used his suplexes but Cena made a good comeback and gave Lesnar his third Attitude Adjustment (first in the first minute and second midway through) and put him in the STF. Lesnar would move near the rope, but Cena would pull him back. Cena gave up and hit a fourth Attitude Adjustment, but Seth Rollins ran in gave Cena a briefcase shot for the DQ. Finally Cena won.
The WWE Night of Champions 2014 was a really good show with great matches. Many people are of the opinion that the best match was the one between Chris Jericho and Randy Orton.

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SummerSlam WWE 2014 Date Location and Results

WWE Payback 2014 Match Card and Location

WWE Payback 2014 Match Card and Location

Match card has been updated and some of the matches have been finalized as mentioned below in details-updated 25th May, 2014

The next WWE big event is Payback which will take place on Sunday 1st of June, 2014 at Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

I am always looking forward to the main events as a great fan just like all readers of my blog.

Keep reading to get the latest updates about Payback wwe event 2014.

– Daniel Bryan vs. Kane (WWE world heavyweight championship)
daniel bryan vs kane

The grudge keeps on going and there are rumors that Kane will be given a chance again to compete for the world heavy weight championship.

The authority is planning to set a buried alive match but it’s not final yet.

Daniel Bryan is facing a lot of injuries from the attacks by Kane in the past few weeks. It seems as if the championship has brought a lot of obstacles in Bryan’s way. Lets see what happens.

Will the demon be the winner or will Bryan be able to retain the championship belt, stay tuned to know…

– Evolution vs. The Shield

wwe shield vs evolution payback 2014

updated 23rd of May: It will be a (NO HOLDS BARRED ELIMINATION MATCH) official now..

The animosity is building up and there are rumors that there will be a rematch between shield and evolution. I think Shield has bright chances of winning the match if it happens but you never know about the sudden plans of the authority. Fans around the world would love to see evolution vs shield..
I would love to see Shield winning ..Both groups have a record to settle.

– John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

updated 30th May-it’s official now-last man standing match -John Cena vs Bray Wyatt

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt payback 2014

feud goes on and the business is not square between John and Wyatt. During the past few weeks one of the matches was won by Wyatt and team and one by Cena. As usual interference from Wyatt’s team mates is expected but I hope to see Cena win the match. There are rumors that it will be a last man standing match.

There are also rumors that there will be a tag team match between USOS and Wyatt’s team for tag team championship..lets see!

– Adam Rose vs. Jack Swagger

adam rose vs jack payback 2014

A funny character against an experienced wrestler. I don’t know why Adam chose to do some funny stuff along with his party gang. Jack Swagger has definitely got more chances of winning this match if it happens. I have a feeling that something strange will happen during their match. Lets see..!
NXT and WWE are two different platforms so Adam needs to work hard and try to adopt WWE platform. Adam is playing mind games to break Jack’s confidence. Time will tell whether Adam’s strategy works or not.

– Sheamus vs. Cesaro (U.S. championship) It’s official now..

– Bad News Barrett vs. Rob Van Dam (Intercontinental championship) it’s official now

– Big E vs Rusev-it’s official now…

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WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Results

Wrestler Biographies

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Results

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Results

The arena was filled with 16000 wrestling fans from around the world. Extreme Rules is an event when extreme rules matches are organized.

Following are the results of extreme rules 2014 matches:-

John Cena vs Wyat:

cena extreme rules 2014

wyat extreme rules 2014

Wyatt wins the match because of the help from his team mates. It was obvious from the start of the match that wyatt and team had a plan and they worked accordingly. It was a steel cage match. The one who was able to pin or escape the cage wins. Wyatt’s team mate didn’t allow Cena to escape the cage. At the end a young child starts singing wyatt’s song standing at the cage’s door thus pushing Cena back in the ring. Wyatt takes advantage and wins.

Shield vs Revolution:

shield extreme rules 2014

I was not expecting this but Shield won the match. They proved to be really tough.

Kane vs Bryan:

bryan extreme rules 2014

It was a long match and at the beginning I thought that Kane will turn out to be the winner because of his power and size advantage. Bryan proved again to be more tougher and won the match. Yes Yes Yes …Kane and Bryan used all the tools to hit each other but ultimately Bryan was able to capitalize and retain his WWE title.
One of the most extreme matches, great to watch.
Kane burns up a steel table, tries to get to the ring but Daniel kicks him and make him stumble and fall on the table. Finally Kane manages to get in the ring but Daniel hits him with a flying knee and wins.

RVD vs Cesaro vs Jack Swagger:

Jack Swagger was the first wrestler to get eliminated. After that Cesaro took hold of the match and didn’t let RVD do the damage. Cesaro deserved to be the winner and he did win it.
It seems as if Paul is an expert in selecting wrestlers.

Big E vs Barrett

big e extreme rules 2014

It was a tough match and Big E loses the match against Barrett

It could be great if Brock Lesnar had a fight with someone but because of his big win against the Undertaker, he got a chance to relax .. I think Brock Lesnar will only fight during big events as Paul Heman is busy working on Cesaro..

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