UFC Fight Night Calgary Results-UFC on Fox 30

UFC Fight Night Calgary Results-UFC on Fox 30:

ufc fight night calgary results

In this post on UFC Fight Night Calgary we will share the results for the main card:

First fight was between Hernandez and Mercier in the Lightweight division.

Alexander Hernandez defeats Olivier Aubin-Mercier, it was a decision victory based on points and scoring. Fans were expecting a knockout but even then I personally think as a UFC fan that Hernandez was really aggressive and his style is such that he doesn’t give any space to his opponent to breathe. Awesome victory by Hernandez.
Hernandez performances keep on improving with the passage of time and fans have now started to notice his aggressive winning style, therefore it was a unanimous decision win.

Women’s Strawweight Joanna vs. Tecia Torres

Joanna Jedrzejczyk defeats Tecia Torres and gets a decision based victory over Tecia. My prediction was absolutely right about the fight. Joanna used her longer reach to attack Tecia with kicks and didn’t give much room to Tecia to get lose and throw punches in short range.

Featherweight division fight – Jose Aldo vs. Jeremy Stephens

Jose Aldo defeats Jeremy Stephens by knockout. This was the victory I was waiting for. This was a kind of performance which UFC fans around the world love to watch. The most important moment was when Jose threw an awesome body punch which hits Stephens hard enough and he goes down to ground in pain. Massive victory for the former champion. Aldo showed true spirit and great display of strength & technique after his recent losses. I wish to see Aldo fight again for the belt and become champion.

Lightweight bout Dustin Poirier vs. Eddie Alvarez

Dustin Poirier defeats Eddie Alvarez by knockout. When these two fighters met for the first time, Poirer was dominating the fight but then Eddie took over and the fight almost reached a knockout point but the first fight was declared as no contest for illegal knee attack by Alvarez. The rivalry comes to an end and Poirer wins the fight in dominant fashion knocking out Alvarez.

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