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WWE wrestlemania 30 2014 results with complete matches details

WWE wrestlemania 30 2014 results with complete matches details:


The arena was filled with 75000 people from 50 states and 38 countries around the world.

In the start of the event, Hulk Hogan comes out then comes Stone Cold. He praised Hulk for his awesome wrestlemania career. Then comes the one and only “The Rock”. The Rock said Hulk Hogan had great influence on his career.


Triple H vs Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania 30, 2014: Daniel wins

wrestlemania 30 brock lesnar

The first match starts “Tiple H vs Bryan”. Triple H looks down to Daniel as if he is the most junior wrestler in front of him. Triple H offers a handshake which is refused by Bryan, kicking his hand out. Triple H goes for the left injured arm of Bryan but Bryan makes his way out. While Triple H is out of Ring, Bryan gets on top of the ropes and dives on him hitting him hard. Triple H goes on to the commentators’ table and tries to pedigree Bryan but eventually was only able to injure Bryan’s left arm.


Triple H manages to put a cross face submission on Daniel. It is reversed by Bryan as Bryan puts on his arm lock on Triple H but Triple H manages to get to the rope. The match goes on, Triple H hits a spine buster followed by pedigree but Bryan doesn’t give up. I was really shocked at the end that Daniel Bryan wins with the Knee attack right into the face of Triple H.

wrestlemania 30 daniel bryan

Shield vs Outlaw: Shield wins

The shield gets an upper hand right from the beginning. It was an easy match for Shield as they concentrated on team work right from the start. Almost no resistance from the Outlaw. Kane gets kicked out and while Kane is out, Shield takes advantage and manages to throw a double power bomb, finally Shield wins the match.

Andre the Giant match: Cesaro wins

30 men fighting each other and only one survivor. To eliminate a wrestler, one fighter has to throw out the other over the ropes. Yoshi gets thrown out first, then the general manager of Raw. Then goes Brodus followed by Kali and Zack Rider. Mark Henry eliminates all 3 members of 3MB and then gets himself thrown out.

Santino gets thrown out by Alberto. Damien thrown out by Cody. Alberto was able to eliminate Cody Rhodes and Gold Dust.

Alberto then throws out Show off…

The game ends with Cesaro and Big show in the ring and somehow Cesaro manages to throw out Big Show. Big show offers a handshake to him which shows the sports man spirit in him.


John Cena vs Wyat: Cena wins

Wyat starts the match while sitting down and barking, while John Cena asks him to stand up and fight. Wyat looks confident and dominates the initial part of the fight. Then comes Cena’s turn and he dominates the second half of the match. John Cena becomes really angry and it felt as if he is losing his temperament. Wyat takes advantage of John Cena’s temperament and dominates Cena. Wyat and team had a strategy from the beginning of the match and it felt as if it’s working.


Most of the match was dominated by Wyat and it seemed as if Cena is trying to manage his anguish while staying cautious about Wyat family’s interference. Cena manages to apply his final move but wyat kicks out. Wyat then throws out Cena. Cena spears one of Wyat family’s member. Cena then puts on leg lock but wyat manages to get to the rope. Wyat then applies his finishing move but Cena kicks out. Now it seems Wyat is losing his temperament.

Finally Cena manages to put his mind together and wins.


Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania 30,2014: streak ends

Now comes the match I was waiting for. The best former UFC champion vs my all time favorite wrestlemania guy “Undertaker”. This match has great importance as it will define whether Undertaker’s streak goes on or comes to an end.

For me Undertaker is really special, as he has won 21 wrestlemania matches consecutively. This match was Undertaker’s 22nd wrestlemania match. Awesome record of 21-0 i.e. 21 wins 0 losses. What makes Undertaker so powerful. Finally the moment comes and the match starts. One of the biggest matches in the history. No one was able to end Undertaker’s streak. Keep reading to know what happened. Undertaker starts working on left shoulder of Lesnar. Brock takes Undertaker to the corner of the ring and tries to spear but Undertaker gets out of the way. Now lesnar starts targeting the left leg of Undertaker. Then comes a time when the match was completely dominated by Brock Lesnar. Lesnar attacks the left leg of Undertaker again and again making it impossible for him to walk.

Undertaker manages to throw a DDT. Undertaker gets back into the game and attacks Lesnar viciously. Taker Choke Slams Lesnar but he manages to kick out. Then Lesnar F5’s Taker and Taker kicks out.

Taker applies hells gate submission but Lesnar picks him up and throws him off. Taker applies Hells’ gate again but again lesnar picks him up and throws him off.

Lesnar applies Kamura Arm Lock which is reversed by Taker.

Then Lesnar throws F5 but Taker kicks out.

Tomb stone applied by Taker but Lesnar kicks out….wow what a match it is…no one was giving up.

Finally Lesnar F5’s Taker third time and to my surprise win the match. I am astonished and so is the world.

Still the respect for Undertaker will remain forever.

No wrestler has ever won 21 wrestlemania matches in a row except Undertaker.

Hats off to Brock Lesnar’s awesome performance.


Batista vs Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan: Daniel the new WWE champion now…

During the end of the match, Daniel Bryan was in the worst physical condition and doctors were trying to help him out but his awesome will gave him the spirit and he went back to fight Batista and Randy Orton. Finally Daniel wins and becomes the new wwe Champion. Triple H and Stephanie tried to pull off his leg during the match but still Daniel Bryan managed to win…Awesome match, I loved it. “YES” “YES” “YES”


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Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania 30 2014 details and his Biography

daniel bryan wrestlemania 30 2014 details and his biography

Daniel Bryan Biography and his expected contribution at wrestlemania 2014:



Daniel Bryan was born on May 22, 1981 in Aberdeen, Washington, United States. His full name is “Bryan Danielson”. Currently He is 33 years old. One of my favorite wrestlers because of his super will power and the way he never gives up and keeps on going. I personally think that he is the only wrestler on whom the beard suits a lot. He is not that taller (5 ft 10 in) but has super astonishing athletic abilities. I think his main power is submission and he should work on it more… His wrestling Debut was in 1999..Currently he resides in Phoenix Arizona, USA

He weighs around 95 kg 210 lb

I like the way he says “YES’ in a loud manner. The way he says yes is much cheered by his fans during all wrestling events. At Wrestlemania 30,2014, Bryan is facing Triple-H who is a much experience wrestler than him. Triple H has faced all top wrestlers of his era and has a memorable Wrestlemania History. I am really looking forward to this match, I wonder whether Triple H is going to finish the match with his pedigree or whether Bryan will apply his arm lock to finish the game. In both ways I have a strong feeling that it will be a great match. Will Triple H be over confident because of his astonishing and super wrestling career or will be stay calm and fight to win? Or will Bryan be able to control his emotions and bring the best of his abilities to the Game? Lets see!!! Today is 5th of April here at my place or zone…I will be updating Wrestlemania 30, 2014 results on this blog of mine as soon as possible so stay connected with my site and keep visiting back.

My prediction about the match between Daniel Bryan and Triple H is that Triple H will win because of the expected interference from Kane and other guys…but I want to see Bryan win…


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Big Show at Wrestlemania 2014 and biography

Big Show at Wrestlemania 2014 and his biography:

Will this event be big as he is??



Paul Randall Wight, Jr, more famous for his nickname in WWE Big Show, is the only professional wrestler who have held the four titles in wrestling.
big show biography 123

He has already made a few appearances this year, having a few confrontation with Brock Lesnar with the final battle being held in Royal Rumble. Ultimately The Big Show lost and he was also brutally beaten with steel chairs. Another his appearance was on March 7th, where he interfered to safe Daniel Bryan from Batista and Kane, which resulted in a tag team match, where Big Show and Daniel Bryan won.

Wrestlemania is a professional ppv (pay per view) event, which is produced yearly from WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) around the beginning of April. This year it will be at 6th April and this edition will be the thirtieth one. It will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Last year the event had attendance of 80,676 and millions more TV viewers.

big show

This year an additional event was added on Wrestlemania – WM30 Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Its a multi-wrestler fight, and in this case it will include 30 wrestler who will be looking for a win in the Wrestlemania. The Big Show is one of the favorites to win this event, for a few reasons. He came into the WWE spotlight credited as the son of Andre The Giant, so he is the perfect one to win this memorial title. Both of them have plenty of similarities, both of them are the big guys, who use their size for their advantages. Both of them made a lot to improve the wrestling image in the popular media, so it is just fitting that the Big Show will win this fight. Let’s not forget that in these kind of games the size gives advantage, which is another thing in his favor.

It is clear that this Battle Royal won’t be the crown of this years Wrestlemania. Its goal is simply showing the fans some of the new young talent in wrestling. All of those have an option to make a name for themselves, winning a fight in Wrestlemania and eventually winning against the top contender – The Big Show. But yet The Big Show has won championships on all levels, which is a proof that he has the belts to back his skills.

Of course, nothing should be taken for granted yet. Everything for the Andre title will be decided at 6th April in this years Wrestlemania.

Kane biography and story

Batista at Wrestlemania 2014 and his biography

Batista at Wrestlemania 2014 and his biography:

David Michael “Dave” Batista (or simply Batista, as he is known) will be part of the grandest stage of all, Wrestlemania. His return on January 26th, where he won the Royal Rumble match earned him a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. He is going to face Randy Orton, who successfully defended his title in a Elimination match, thus assured his place in Wrestlemania, which this year will be held on 6th April, in Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans.

The COO of WWE, Triple H made a change in the rules, allowing the winner of the match between Daniel Bryan and The Game will be allowed to fight with Batista and Randy Orton, turning the main championship match into a Triple Threat Match. This happened after the fans of the wrestling showed to WWE that they were not pleased by the single fight, but allowing either Daniel Bryan or Triple H in the match made them reconsider.

Dave Batista isn’t exactly the most beloved professional wrestler, after several controversial stories were published by online sites. One of them claimed that he was involved in a real life fistfight with the Booker T, and according to the the fight was started because Batista though he is the best in the roster and his really quick climb to become the main event in wrestling. Also ESPN article accused him of using anabolic steroids alongside other professional wrestlers. WWE fired ten wrestlers in connection with this story, but Batista wasn’t one of them. He announced that he wasn’t guilty and that he was in full compliance with WWE Wellness program.


Batista responded to the crowd numerously, he even told them that he hasn’t come back to WWE to be liked, but to be the next Heavyweight Champion. After Royal Rumble Match 2014, where he entered at number 28 and won the game, he was continuously booed by the audience, while he responded with showing his middle finger to them. He also hit back at the audience, telling them that they begged him to return, but now they are booing him and cheering Daniel Bryan even when he is not on the stage.

After the unification of the two WWE and World Heavyweight titles, which happened in December, this is going to be the first year in a long time, when there will be only one world champion in Wrestlemania, which will make the victory even more important.

The Undertaker wrestlemania 2014 Guy:

The Undertaker wrestlemania 2014 Guy:



Mark William Calaway. The only wrestler who remains an active competitor from the first episode of WWE Raw. He is also holding the record of being undefeated in Wrestlemania, WWE’s premier yearly event with unrivaled score of 21-0. He has also the longest undefeated streak from Dec 1991 to September 1993. Yes, this is The Undertaker.

As it was expected, he made his return to Wrestlemania, in front of the surprised Brock Lesnar. Lesnar’s manager asked him to sign a contract for a fight with his client, but the cold-blooded Undertaker took the pen, stabbed Lesnar’s hand with it and chokeslammed him through the table. He didn’t officially signed the contract but it is hard to find another opponent after this action.

He is famous for his entrances. He delivered another one at March 24, where he rises from a casket to attack Brock, making him retreat.


The Undertaker is now 48 years old and yet he hasn’t shown any signs that he thinks to surrender. He is probably the only wrestler who can take a full year break and return for a few matches, where he performs at the highest level and yet he is doing that for the last years and it works for him.

It is clear that one loss for the Undertaker in Wrestlemania will be the end for him. There won’t be any point in him returning each year with his streak broken. But it is questionable whether WWE will broke the streak as the deal work for both sides, as WWE get one premier match each year, while the Undertaker gets a good payday without having to go on the road and wrestle actively.

Last years contets between The Undertaker and CM Punk was the most expected fight, even though everyone knew that The Undertaker will win and it turned out to be the best display in last year’s calendar. He even stayed for a few more weeks after the Wrestlemania and made a few additional matches, where The Shield were involved, and the three of them attacked him while he was alone. Kane and Daniel Bryan came to rescue and fend off the Shield.

He is a legend of Wrestlemania and he mages up for his age, with his experience and presence on the stage. And now he is back, assumingly he will match Lesnar, making the next few weeks in Wrestlemania very interesting.

Randy Orton Biography and Wrestlemania 2014

Randy Orton Biography and Wrestlemania 30, 2014:


Randy Orton is one of the most amazing wrestler in WWE. Won many big matches and has an outstanding record

throughout his wrestling career. He has his own unique style to tease his opponent through talking and
attacking him off the ring. I think he uses his opponent’s anguish which he builds in him and then plays his
game by utilizing his brain and staying calm inside the ring.
I like his tattoos, I think he got them changed a couple of times but the tattoos look really cool on him. His
original name is Randal Keith. He was born on April 1, 1980. The April fool is coming up in a couple of days
from now and he will turn 34 on this first of April, 2014. I am looking forward to his match with Batista at
wrestlemania 2014 but for a wrestler like him, there should have been only one good opponent but TBA is also
an opponent. What I mean to say is that the match at wrestlemania 30 is between TBA, Randy Orton and Batista.
I personally don’t like matches where there are too many opponents for example the ‘Andre the giant rumble
In such matches the real fighting skills of a wrestler are usually not that prominent and winner is mainly
relying on luck rather than his skills. Getting attacked from all sides by different sometimes
create a funny movement.

Orton is a third-generation professional wrestler; his grandfather Bob Orton, Sr., father “Cowboy” Bob Orton,
and uncle Barry O all competed in the professional wrestling industry. So he has a history behind him..

His biggest achievement, I personally think is that he became the youngest World heavy weight champion at the age of 24.

Later on, Orton formed a group by the name of Legacy with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase in the year 2008 but it
had to come to an end as a wrestler with an attitude like Orton’s cannot share his success and I truly agree
with this phenomenan. The saying ‘Sharing is caring’ doesn’t work in fighting business.

In total, till now Orton has won 14 championships in WWE as per my research.

Now-a-days, there are so many tag team matches and group matches going on and we really want to see big
matches for example john cena vs randy orton or Batista vs Bryan. What I mean to say is that one on one
matches are far more entertaining than putting tag teams or groups in a single match..

Just some brief info about another aspect of Randy Orton’s life. He has a military background. After
graduating from Hazelwood in 1998, Orton enlisted with the United States Marine Corps. At the base, he
received a bad conduct discharge..but I am not trying to discourage him. I like him very much as a wrestler
and I think he was meant to be a wrestler.

Ups and downs are part of all journeys…Wish you all the best Randy…Put up a good show for us at
wrestlemania 30, 2014..





Rey Mysterio biography-Wrestlemania 2014

Rey Mysterio biography and his presence at Wrestlemania 2014:




Rey Mysterio is one of my all time favorite wrestler. Inspite of being short in terms of physical height, his fighting abilities are awesome. He is really famous all around the world specially among children.

Recently he got his arm injured twice by Alberto…

I am really looking forward to his fight at wrestlemania 30, 2014. His opponent was Sin cara but I think the authorities are now finding a different opponent for him at wrestlemania 2014. I wish him all the very best.

His wrestling style and athletic ability is something which inspires all the wrestling fans across the globe.

Rey Mysterio was born in Mexico on 11th Dec, 1974. He was taught wrestling by his uncle Rey Mysterio Senior.
Wrestling debut was in 1989. His real name is Oscar Gutierrez.

I wonder why wrestlers who wear mask inspire us more …it’s because because they resemble super heroes with
special costumes and abilities/powers.

It’s not the height, it’s the fighting technique which matters and he has proven it many times at many events.

Let me tell you another secret about why I like him. It’s because I am 5 feet 6 inches tall too..and it gives
me courage to see a fighter like him beating the hell out of much taller opponents. Just another info that he
weighs around 175 lb i.e. around 79 kg.

Wish to see you win at wrestlemania 2014…
All the wrestlers put up a great show for us, yet taking great risks (getting injured).

Rey Mysterio won WCW championship thrice and wwe championship thrice. He is currently the world’s most light
weight wrestler of WWE.

All the best..can’t wait to see you go live in action at Wrestlemania 30..

Wrestlemania 30, 2014 matches date and lot more

Wrestlemania 30, 2014 matches, date and lot more:



Wrestlemania 30 will be one of the biggest events of the year. Happening on 6th of April, 2014.
The Arena will be filled with thousands of wwe lovers from across the Globe.
I am really looking forward to this event because of the special match between the former UFC heavy weight champion ‘Brock Lesnar’ and the real wrestlemania guy ‘The Undertaker’.
I am sure that a UFC champion can end the streak of the Under Taker but you never know as UFC is quite different from wwe. I mean the fighting style and rules. The biggest aspect being that for the last so many years no fighter was able to end ‘Under Taker’s streak’. He is the champ of the champs (UnderTaker) and there is something special between him and wrestlemania as he never loses a wrestlemania fight. With the history Undertaker has I don’t think that any opponent will be a tough match for him but as I said earlier a UFC champion has the capability to turn the rules and do something new.

–my prediction is that Brock Lesnar will win–

Wrestlemania 2014 holds great importance for all wrestling fans across the world.
I have grown up watching wrestling events and I can’t wait to see wrestlemania 2014 go live.
There are also other good matches or fights for example, Randy orton vs Batista vs TBA and John Cena vs Bray Wyatt…
Batisa just returned few weeks back and now fighting with Randy orton for the championship.

–my prediction is that Batista will win–
Another great fight is between Triple H and Daniel Bryan. After a lot of struggle and fight with the authorities, finally daniel bryan was able to make Triple H fight with him..I hope that Daniel Bryan will give us a reason to say big ‘YES’ by winning the match.

–my prediction is that Daniel Bryan will win–
Also Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal is happening:

featuring 30 wrestlers. Till now, here’s who has been announced: The Miz, Goldust, Cody Rhodes, Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, Sheamus, Christian, Titus O’Neil, Big Show, Damien Sandow, Big E, THE BIG GUY, Curtis Axel, Fandango, Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, and Mark Henry. We will keep you updated on any further announcements.

—My prediction is that one of the following stars will win:

  • Big Show
  • Alberto Del Rio
  • Mark Henry

Wrestlemania 30, 2014 Location:

WrestleMania 30 will take place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans in 2014.
I am really excited about it because of the amazing fights.
Wrestlemania 30, 2014 date:

As describe above the date of the event is 6th of April, 2014