wwe kane biography

WWE Kane Story and biography

WWE Kane Story and biography

wwe kane


Glen Jacobs was born in Madrid Spain, on April 26, 1968. He was trained by Dean Malenko and Ray Candy. The early part of Glen’s career was marred by horrifying gimmicks which included Dr. Isaac Yankem , The Christmas Creature, & Fake Diesel. In-spite of story lines and rumors, in no way is he related to Paul Bearer or The Undertaker, knew a Katie Vick, he never married Lita.

The Secret Revealed:

After multiple months of horrifying the Undertaker with respect to a dark secret, finally Paul Bearer let the whole world know that Undertaker assassinated his family in a fire although his brother was still alive. In the very first Hell in a Cell encounter, Kane made his WWF debut by costing Undertaker a game with Shawn Michaels. Undertaker turned down the request to fight Kane till he was burnt alive inside a coffin at Royal Rumble in 1998.

The Never Ending Conflict:

Taker and Kane fought for the first time during Wrestlemania 14. The Undertaker vs. Kane conflict has been going on-and-off ever since that time. Few-times the Undertaker becomes the bad guy while other times Kane becomes the bad guy.

When Kane first appeared, he wore a mask & had sleeves in order to hide his disfigurement as a result of fire. He was also unable to speak in the absence of a voice box. Today, he wrestles without shirt on or a mask & is able to speak.

Conflicts With Shane McMahon and Triple H :

wwe kane biography

During late 2002, Triple H told that Kane killed his ex-girlfriend Katie Vick. Some months later, Triple H defeated Kane in a match where Kane was forced to unmask. He went insane and begin to set individuals on fire & set Linda McMahon on fire. Linda’s son, Shane, eventually came to rescue her in one of the worst conflicts ever. Low-lights showed Shane getting one car battery joined to his testicles & Kane falling inside a burning dumpster & being unmarked the following week.

A Bizarre Love Triangle:

In order to to keep him from defeating her boyfriend (Matt Hardy), Lita slept with Kane. Kane wound up getting Lita pregnant & won her by beating Matt Hardy. Some weeks later, Gene Snitsky caused her a miscarriage. That event seemed that both are getting closer, however Lita wound up being along-with Edge when their real-life relation details caused Matt Hardy to be fired.

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